TPG-staff-2James Ilardi – CEO/Founder

CGC1524442, MRSR2243
CMCC – Certified Moisture Control Consultant

For more than 17 years, James Ilardi has been a passionate advocate for accountability and integrity in the water intrusion and reconstruction industry. He demonstrates this passion by providing creative reconstruction protocols for challenging projects, accomplishing them within or under budget. His expertise has contained costs for our clients and benefited them in the areas of construction defect identification and resolution, across the southeast.

State Recognized
In 2006, James served as Chairman of the Florida Coalition on Healthy Indoor Environments, leading a joint effort among national IAQ organizations to pass a Florida law protecting the indoor environmental rights of the general public. This law required remediation companies to have proper experience, certification and carry insurance.

Project Experience

 The following are some examples of the type of work he has led or consulted on:

Condos & Apartments in Orlando, FL

Due to multiple moisture intrusion cases, the HOA retained Jim to perform 29 projects throughout a 40 acre property containing 468 units. The developer constructed the property with the felt paper overlapping the wrong way, creating a flat surface on the top of each stairwell leading to substantial subsequent damage. When the exterior was opened up, Jim found that most areas had little to no structural integrity. For the most part, the stucco was the only material holding up the structure. Although the project consisted mainly of hidden damage to three story building entryways, he was able to give budget numbers within 5% of actual costs across the board.tidewater

Resorts in Panama City, FL

Jim and his team were called in for a 26 unit water loss in a building that was at the punch out phase of completion with a G/C. Due to a time crunch, the loss needed to be completed in three weeks. Jim was charged with removing drywall, flooring and cabinets as needed. While in the process of the punch-out phase for this project, the customer identified another water loss in the same building – a blackwater loss in 12 units. This loss was almost a complete gut. Three days later, another loss was discovered, and then another. Upon completion, there were 3 buildings with 28 losses, affecting 368 units where remediation and restoration were performed within 3 ½ months.


Scott CuocoScott Cuoco – Chief Financial Officer

Having worked for over 25 years in the Financial Industry, Scott has extensive experience in Finance, Investments, Business Management and Human Relations. He has a passion for creating a positive and successful work environment bringing a unique balance to the financial and the human sides of business.

Scott oversees all the financial directives of True Property Group. His goal is to build a strong business by building strong relationships between TPG and our customers.

Originally from New York, he moved to Central Florida in 2008 with his wife Dianne and their 4 children.


Rick ShreveRick Shreve — Chief Operating Officer

Rick grew up in the Orlando area and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He has spent most of his 30+ year career working in Central Florida with both for profit and not for profit organizations that serve the local community. His degree in Psychology, advanced training in Human Relations and passion for investing in people have been instrumental in his success in roles such as Department Director, Executive Pastor, Counselor and People/Project Manager.

Leadership Development is Rick’s passion. As a Relater/Connector, he enjoys helping people reach their fullest potential, spirit, mind and body.

Rick is tasked with staff development and coordination of the TPG team. He also engages our customer relations, assuring that we fulfill the needs of our customers.

Rick’s other passion revolves around his wife Raquel and their 5 adopted children.


TPG-staff-3Barbara Ilardi – Accounting Director

Barbara oversees our accounting department as well as managing vendor/insurance accountability, lien and pay-out procedures.

Originally from the Chicago area, she holds an AA in Paralegal Studies and worked in the legal field for 13 years. She has been a business owner for over 20 years and also has been serving on the board of a private school for the last 4 years.

Barbara has a passion for a natural approach to nutrition and health as well as for volunteering both at her church and for The Lovely Project, a non-profit organization focusing on empowering girls and women by infusing them with their knowledge of the Value, Voice and Valor.


Cathy BowersCathy Bowers – Relationship Manager

Cathy is a seasoned professional who has been providing honest and accurate assessments to local Property Managers, Community Associations, Homeowners and Commercial Businesses for over 20 years.

As a former business owner and executive board member of the Community Association Institute (CAI), Cathy successfully manages relationships with residential property managers to develop long-term strategies aimed at providing solutions and protecting Association assets. Cathy has achieved the status of “Florida Certified Community Association Provider”.

An “avid” member of the Sanford community, Cathy supports the Blues Foundation that promotes community engagement of local talent. She is also a long time member of the Central Florida Pug Rescue, personally fostering and adopting at-risk animals.