We were referred to this project by a third-party assessment company. The client, a developer, was dissatisfied with the performance of their emergency response/restoration vendor. The vendor’s lack of performance was creating strife for all involved, including condominium owners, the homeowner’s association, and the property manager.


  • The property had experienced four major water loss events prior to this one, causing more than $2.5 million in damage
  • This loss encompassed over 40 condominium units
  • Multiple losses within a short time indicated a systemic issue


We first coordinated with the property manager, unit owners, and the insurance adjuster for the mechanical and plumbing companies’ carrier to identify the affected areas and determine the cause of the recurring problem. We worked alongside the assessment company to design a minimally intrusive investigation method.

The assessment firm used a borescope (an optical device consisting of a flexible tube with a lens on one end and an eyepiece or camera on the other) to look inside wall cavities and plumbing systems. This technique enabled the assessment firm to document the affected areas and identify the cause of the problem: a systemic issue with the plumbing system that would have created an additional 26 opportunities for major water loss events.

We then developed a minimally invasive work plan for the required restoration effort. An accelerated restoration schedule lessened the inconvenience to unit owners, thereby reducing the strain on the property managers and the homeowner’s association. Our Occupant ‘Concierge’ Services, including our Online Portal, kept all involved parties updated with the information most relevant to them.

Our collaborative approach involved the developer, mechanical and plumbing contractor, their insurance adjuster, and the third-party assessor in designing a long-term solution. It has been years since the initial events, without any further water losses. Our success with this project and the low cost of the systemic investigation ($30,000) compared to 26 possible water loss events, led the developer to request that we perform systemic checks on a newer property and coordinate repairs there as well.