1:1 Consultation

At this initial meeting, we’ll meet with you face to face to listen to your needs, problems and concerns for completing the project to your satisfaction. Our experts will walk you through the prospective project and how we’ve completed similar projects to achieve the highest standards within budget. This 1:1 consultation will help you determine how we can provide value and help your project run more smoothly.

True Cost Analysis

We look at the big picture of your project and create a customized, problem solving outline of the work that needs to be completed. For instance, painting a property isn’t only about refreshing the look, it’s also about properly waterproofing and protecting the exterior. Whether you need painting, rehabbing, roofing, siding, paving or emergency services, it’s imperative to determine the full extent of your project in order to meet your deadline and stay on budget.

True Quote

When comparing bids, these two components must match: Scope – The work to be performed and Protocol – The process by which the work will be performed. We will lead you step-by-step through the bidding process so you can make informed decisions based on the real options available. This includes a detailed description of long term solutions, scope and protocols that you can show other vendors, ensuring you get comparable, “apples to apples” bids.