At True we have more than five decades of experience working within the construction industry where we have learned the main concerns of Property Managers, Community Association Managers, and HOA Boards. The need for a comprehensive, multidiscipline construction service that provides quality work, helps communities invest their reserves, and cares for their property, is the driving force behind our business. This is why we provide a one-stop, all-inclusive service with a well-established reputation of high quality, professional workmanship, cost effective solutions, and work ethic integrity.

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IMG_20130124_154513Waterproofing and Painting

Our building science knowledge is the key to stopping water intrusion from entering the building and protecting the applied surface. Whether it is maintaining the drain plane on a building or protecting a surface from weather, waterproofing is a long-term investment. Within Florida, waterproofing becomes a foundational part of protecting the buildings due to consistent rain and ultraviolet rays. Choosing the right material and protocol will determine the duration and ultimately the investment in your project.


20121121_101251Construction Defect and Restoration Solutions

Our experience in restoring and rebuilding properties after disasters has given us a unique perspective on construction. We have seen firsthand the role that improper building practices have played in increasing damage unnecessarily, the decreased life span of a property and the toll it takes on HOA boards and property owners. As a result, we have developed multi-disciplined strategies not only in the identification and resolution of these issues, but in temporary, cost-effective measures that will minimize additional damage until the responsibility of these issues is established.


services-disasterInsurance Loss Specialists — Water, Mold, Fire

With floods, it’s important to remove the affected material that cannot be properly cleaned due to high bacterial contamination. We advocate your position with the insurance company to do what is needed in a very transparent way. Water leaks can go on for a long period of time before a client sees the effects. As a result mold grows and the risk is even greater. We eliminate the risk to minimize the cost of our remediation techniques. Hurricane and storm damage usually comes with water and structural damage and power outage. There are few companies like ours that have both the structural and drying knowledge to get you back up quickly. In the case of fires, it’s important to document the process properly and move quickly. The longer it takes to start the process, the more cost that is involved in getting the property back to its pre-loss condition.